dinsdag 16 juni 2009

Introducin' Myself

This is me after a paint-adventure

My beautifull Babymumma chillin in da Tub...mmm

Me doin a never-done-before-scratch routine With my baby on my belly.

I'm a tiger if it comes to my family.That's why i say "grrrr" if you come to close.

Holy moly, sweet mother of all things that are sacred, by the beard of Zeus and the holy nectar of the Gods. Welcome to Dj Goofstarr'z Block Rockin Blog Biaaatch!
Goofstarr Putz it dawn on da onez & Two'z, the wheelz of Steel and is most accurately Able to Rock the Table.
Klappen met die tandjez!

Cd in Stores now. Compilation cd starring Afrozquad & Dj Goofstarr on 2 songz -Recorded @ Ancienne Belgique Studio'z

If you're a true G-fan, shave ya NaNA like thiz.
If you show it to me on one ov my showz, you can get me a cola :-)

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