vrijdag 19 juni 2009

Moviez that rocked my world

Mulholland Drive by David Lynch
What can i say about this movie...
I think some things in life we will never understand
This movie reflects that feeling...at the end i was like...huuh???
The more i watched it the more "huuhz" came.
I realised that's what David Lynch wants you to do...huuuh???
A Piece of art

La Haine
I saw this movie the first time when i was 16 i think. I will never forget the moment when dj Cutkiller puts his speakers towards his window and scratchez the Edith Piaf thingee on the "sound of da police"-beat by KRS one...majn my body was taken over my Goosebumpz! And the beginning...the song "Burning and looting" from Mister Bob Marley and the images of the riots in Paris...dajm..so magical


Kept me staring for 30 minutes when the movie was over
that's how u know it grabbed you...
damn i love this movie so

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