donderdag 25 juni 2009


My baby'z momma and me are seriously thinking 'bout putting a tat on our body(for me it's the second-ho hoo i'm tough!).
Offcourse it's gonna be the name of our beautiful daughter. I very much like the Sanskrit writing. Sanskrit is a historical Indo-Aryan language, one of the liturgical languages of Hinduism and Buddhism,and one of the 22 official languages of India.

Iman is spelled ईमन in Sanskrit but actually it saiz i've gotta do sum more research.
I've heard David Beckham and Rihanna also have Sanskrit tatoo'z..but Becky's tat waz spelled wrong-BUMMER!!Anyway i just wanted to say that i didn't came up with the idea cause i saw theirz..i just have a picture of someone who has a Sanskrit tatoo and i very like like!!!!!
Soon i will post shizzle

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