dinsdag 5 oktober 2010


My grandma is dying
Such a beatiful person
Such a Beatiful woman
Her health went down very fast
Now she stays in some creepy place they call " a place for the elderly"
No not a hospital, it's not a prison but something in between.
People over there talk to those old folks like they are little children.
I hate it when they do that.
When you enter those doors, you enter hell.
In the morning it smells weird.
Where i live there is no other solution.
It's sad. it breaks our heart.

This morning she didn't recognise me anymore.
One week ago she didn't stop smiling when she saw my daughter and wife. We talked. She listened.
Those two connect. Such a beatiful thing to c.
But today she didn't recognise me
I was alone with her.
I talked a lot but i don't think she heard me.
I told her only positive things

Positive things help in negative times.
This little letter was found in her purse.
Those two sentences
made me cry like a child
So painfull, so beatiful

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