zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Begin it

Whatever it is you choose to do, or to be, or to create, go ahead. Begin it. Take some initial action, and that action will quickly feed other actions. Though you may not yet know everything that must be done, you do know of something you can do right now. So do it. Begin it. Get yourself started.

The first step will enable you to see what the second step is to be. The second step will begin to establish powerful momentum. Begin it now, and get that momentum on your side.

Discover your way forward, and uncover joys that you would have never guessed were there. Learn and grow and build and create your way to whatever destination you have chosen. No situation is ever hopeless. Because whatever the situation may be, the moment you start to take action, you change it. Begin it and you'll see.

Begin to act, and your world begins to change. Keep going, and your life takes on more and more of the flavor of your dreams. 

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