dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Monday Morning Mixes. Free download Bashing!

New mixes from the internet airwaves to download, jump in…
Nadastrom Mothership Mentality [mp3]
This column came about because DJ mixes are on the FG HQ stereo literally 
all day long. So as a result, MMM picks tend to lean towards the more groovy, listenable disco and relatively mellow side of electronic music. Because you can’t answer emails while a wild dubstep is drilling your ear (pause). But Nadastrom have managed to translate the heaviness of their live sets (it’s named after the Mothership tour they DJed for months with Skrillex) into a great mix that never gets too lazer beam-y for its own good.
Hot Toddy Live @ Discovery [mp3]
So with that said… here’s some more groovy, listenable disco.
Jon K Oi Polloi Mix [mp3]
This mix is exactly one year old but brand new to me. And it rules: new wave, punky reggae party jams.
Star Slinger Jet Jam Vol 1 [mp3]
More of the rap / not rap goodness you’d expect from Star Slinger, but I guarantee this is the only set you’ll listen to that’s promoting a club night in LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA all week

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