woensdag 31 maart 2010


I post this for myself. I have to draw more, my grandmother said. And my grandmother is always right. So here it is. Motivating myself (and yes a little bragging)
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One year Iman-cipation "The Jummy party"

Thanx to everybody who came. Hope you enjoyed yourself, hope you liked the pancakes.
Iman's first birthdaybash was a succes. Thanx for all the love, thanx for all the presents. Thanx for everything.
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donderdag 25 maart 2010

1 year of Iman-Cipation

Today is our daughter Iman's first birthday...
I'm so proud
it's true what they say
there's nothing more beautiful then the smile of your child
excuse me i think i've got somethin' in my eye...
Happy Birthday BabyBoo!!!

woensdag 24 maart 2010

dinsdag 23 maart 2010

HalleJanet & BerryJackson

If God was one of us...her name would Be Halle Berry
I'm so hoping i'm right....:-)
Halle Berry is my cherry
Janet after the workout-plan

zondag 21 maart 2010

Renzo Martens. Enjoy Poverty

Even though it's very "in-your-face", you still gotta c it. The way he spreads his message....is sad but true. His hardness makes you (as a viewer) very uncomfortable. With that said, i'm hopin somebody makes a documentary on how beautiful Afrika can be. Or does really nobody care about that?

Steppingstones Nigeria

Here's a documentary you've gotta see
Click link:
(U can c the whole documentary on youtube)
After seeing the documentary i was choqued. Normally i can handle a lot, but this brought tears to my eyes. Never saw such ignorant brutality. It's about religious nutcases "Helen Ukpabio" and her so called "Liberty Gospel Church"who make films designed to brainwash people into believing that child witches exist. In truth she makes a lotta money on the back of child suffering caused by her videos and preaching.
The terrible thing is that the majority in Nigeria truely believes in what those churches (they say they are Christian) are preaching. Here's the controversial film"End of the Wicked" Helen Ukpabio made.
People believe this shit...children get abandoned, abused and killed. Still can't believe it's true...

For more info go to:

woensdag 17 maart 2010

Dave Grohl. Fresh Pots !!!!!

Dave Grohl is such a funny guy. haha Watch this.
Click Link for the video
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Haruki Murakami

Yes i finished my book, on to the next one!!
Very curious about it. Tonight it's me, a cup o tea and a good-ass book
little things in life make you (and me) happy.
Haruki Murakami and mister Sheep, here i come!

dinsdag 16 maart 2010

I like tea

A Tea-Collage i made
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Why? Cuz i like tea and collages
The collage sucks but the tea is great

Skate & Destroy

Here is an interesting art show from artist Haroshi who created these pieces from old skate decks. The show was held in Tokyo at PLSMIS gallery.

maandag 15 maart 2010

Hairy Fingers

Heard this great story last week. The dude who told me swears it's true.
He has a friend who had an accident @ work. This guy got stuck in a machine and ripped the flesh of two fingers on his right-hand (pointing and middle finger) In the hospital they operated his hand inside of his belly. Apparently it's the best way for recovering flesh-tissue. After a couple o' weeks they took his hand out and made two new fingers with the flesh that they took of his behind.(yes his butt)
The funny thing is that the two fingers look like two big sausages and they got hair on'em.
U know, that curly hair that groes on some man-bootys!
So every morning he has to shave his fingers.
Now that's a great story.:-)

dinsdag 9 maart 2010


The Oscar winning Animated short-film of 2010 is "Logoram"
In 15 Minutes you see 3000 brands and a great action Story
Luvz the badass ROnald Mc Donald.
Wanna check the whole movie?

maandag 8 maart 2010

Zwart Licht - Back UP staat klaar

Can't stop luvin the "Zwart licht" album "Bliksemschicht"
It got stuck in my car-cd Player and i likes it!
Cop da album!! Seriously. It rocks in all ways. I'm defenetly a fan. Check his new videoclip "Back up Staat klaar" Here