vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Hip Hop in it purest form

Goosebumps!Mos Def, Black thought (The Roots) & Em showin' how it's dunn!!Eminem got kinda skinny tho..stay of drugs! But he still got it. Dajm.
Luv this Vid. Back to the escense

dinsdag 27 oktober 2009


Lately i'm dreaming alot. Since my daughter sleeps trough the night i seem to dream in full HD, dolby Surround and bright colours included. Last night i dreamt i was racing on my bike with some friends. Suddenly i lose my shoe, which is impossible because my raceshoes have a click system...the pro's will know what i'm talking about.
Anyhoew...I stop because racing without shoes is painfull + you look very stupid doing it which is against my priniciples.
I saw my shoe fell in a small waterless river. While i climb into it i c a bunch of my other shoes laying there too. Only the left ones of each pair. Because my friends didn't stop (we were racing!) i didn't had alot of time to think about the fact that this was kinda weird....I tied all the shoes on the steer of my bike and i tried to catch up with my friends. I lost the race.
All day i'm thinking about this. Maybe i buy too much shoes. Maybe i have to train more on my bike. Maybe it was just a dream. Or maybe not...

woensdag 21 oktober 2009

Dj Premier - Classic remix

Featering Rakim, Nas, Krs One & Kanye
Click on Link Below
Classic (Better Than I've Ever Been) - DJ Premier Remix

MySpace Hip Hop MySpace Video

Young Zee

One of my favorite hiphop tracks came from this dude. Young Zee (from the Outsidaz) Not to be mistaken by Young Yeezy (cuz he sucks bigtime) Apparently Zee still makes muzic (and still lives!).
Check his myspace page and listen to "that's my nXXga fo real".
I so luv that song.

Lauryn Hill @ age 13

Listen well! Booing at a child????Booing at Lauryn? Whatta??? There are just too many people in this world. How dumb, stupid and cruel can you be?
You gotta luv the way Lauryn keeps on singin..you go gurl. U know u're the shit!Haters keep on hating. Nothing breaks a real diamond.

Marge goes naked for Playboy

Instead of demanding the requisite millions of dollars, Marge posed for Playboy for free, but insisted her husband Homer be given a job for life at Hugh Hefner's mansion. Homer is now Hef's personal pajama rack.

woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Fakkelbrigade : Colluci Era

Opgezwolle (Rico en Sticks)= Fakkelbrigade
(Ric, Stickz &Typhoon)
New Album Out now (i know i'm late widdit')
The cream of the crop of Dutch Hip Hop (yup that rhymes uh huuh)
New album "Colluci Era". Check it. Cuz if i say when its good. It's a Understatement. Ya digg?
(Non Official)

Sweetest girl

The second most beautifull girl in the world. If i hadn't found the luv of my life, i would be married to Kelly. Kelly is sweet. Last week she was in Antwerp and partied with my Babiez-Mummah and her friends. She is so sweet. She even bought my boo a bottle of Bub...i wish i came along, but someone had to take care of our baby.
Life is hard on me sometimes. Dajm.

maandag 12 oktober 2009

The Big Golden Farting Bull By Chen Wenling

You gotta love this. It's funny, it's wonderfull, it's freaking Genious!!You gotta love art in General. What would we do without it?Sjazaajm i wanna c this in real life. Lookin @ the pic is already a blast!

zondag 11 oktober 2009

Kid Cudi. Man on the Moon. The End of Day

Finally Cudi'z first Official Studio Album Is awt.
Dope melodies, Straight from the heart- Lyrics, cool-ass Art-work and i'm not even talkin' bout the Amazing beats..!
Cudi released a lotta stuff the past 2 years but finally it's here...Grace to the holy nectar and the beard of Zeus, many thanks to all the screaming pigs. It's finally here!
Y'all gotta check it awt. Seriously! I'm not playin'
Honey Magazine Interviewz Da Kidster:
Cudi's Myspace Page:

vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

Music-You gotta check awt (cuz it's freakin guud)

Purple Man
For Info and Music Click :


This week was kinda crazy. In a good way.
Sum thingZ that were bad became better.
Sum bad things are still bad but i found a way to live with that
(for a while.)
Some thingz i wanted, i got. Some thingz i hated stayed away. Some things i wanted to do i did, and i did it good. So i'm satisfied.
I'm not that often satisfied.
I hope it stays for a while. I wish everybody who checks my blog a splendid weekend. C you guyz-girls soon.

donderdag 8 oktober 2009

José James is God

I hope i ain't the first who sais to you that José James is God.
Cuz he is.
If so. Buy his album "The dreamer" The winter is comin' up....keeps you warm and tender. His music touches you like no one else can.

I was there when this picture (Under)was taken.

Magical Performance. Magical Guy. Magical Music

1970 Ford Mustang

The most cool & wicked car ever designed.
No doubt!!!!
Click on Pic to Enlarge

woensdag 7 oktober 2009

dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

Iman - Our Nubian Princess

Iman Lovez her Ponjo
A baby changes things;
They’ll never be the same;Our life is filled with wonder,
Since that little miracle came.
There’s lots of things to do now,But with the new tasks we face,
Our family gains more love,And bonds time will never erase.

Canon Powershot Sx110 is

i'm Thinkin' bout buyin' this camera. It's strong, has great features and it's simple to handle. Mmmm,sounds like me, so i like it. More info? Clickar da Click !

maandag 5 oktober 2009


The people that know me will assure you i can't stop naggin about Caffénation.
One Drug, One Nation, One Caffénation

Caffénation is an independent coffee-house in Antwerp.
It has the most delicious Coffees (also to take away) and Choco-milkzz
(try the Cinnamonchoc!! woowie)

If you go to Antwerp- do it in style and get a cup of shut the fXXX up.
Here it izz!

zaterdag 3 oktober 2009

vrijdag 2 oktober 2009

The devil wears Parra

Yes!We are proud to wear real Parra'z. For more info about the artist, Click (Green) Post title(Above)

Parra Chukka Boot

John Coltrane in a bar

This music takes you to a smokey bar. Very crowded but nobody lookin'. You order your 7th glass o whiskey but you're not that drunk. You just can't remember why the hell you are sitting there in the first Place. Suddenly you realise that you've been sittin in that same chair every evening for the past 4 months. You think about that for a while.... and you come to the conclusion...that it's HOokay cuz you're feelin aaight. Thanks John Coltrane for those magical moments. The coolest thing about his music is that you never went and will go to that bar, but in your mind it really happened, you really were there. And what happens there, is plain reality.

donderdag 1 oktober 2009


Currently a daily topic in my life:
Why the hell some people who don't know what the fXXk'z goin on make the most stupid and dumb decisions ever?
In traffic, on my Job,on my way home on Tv, in my life...
Why Oh Why? I c so much dumb stuff around me it freakz me out.

Mos Def. Undrcrwn Cut-Sew Collection

Apparently Mos Def (one of my all time favorite rappaz) has a clothing line-collection runnin'
It's hard to keep up with things
I guess i'm getting old

More info @

Puma Chinese New Year Edition

I found my new shoez on the internet!
Bragging? Yes i do
Happy? Yes i am.