dinsdag 30 juni 2009

The Bug - Skeng

The latest video from The Bug taken from "London Zoo" released on Ninja Tune.
Makes you wanna smoke that Wauwi Wauwi :-)Skeng!

Air Jeezy (a Kanye and Louis Vuitton collabo)

It's a shame they are so expensive cuz they so nice....
But hey..you have expensive and you have too expensive
Nevertheless dope shoez
For more Air Jeezy-picz check Kanye's site

maandag 29 juni 2009

Refused - "New Noise" Burning Heart Records

From the album "the Shape of Punk to come" One of the most Explosive-break everything in your sight-i push my gaspedal to da max kinda music i know. I recommend this song for anybody who is going to apply for a job and is nervous about it. Put thiz in your i-pod before you enter the room. Satisfaction guaranteed.
But hey, don't smash the bosses face. Stay focussed! Can i scream!!??????

vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Peter Fox. Haus am see

I do not like Zwansewürsten mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelnpurree but then again i gotta admit this German Dude knowz whut guud muzic gasta soundz like. Peter Fox'z album "Stadtaffe" soundz very dope. Briespect!(if you check the album, check the titeltrack "stadtaffe" uuw jeah!!!!

Dj Kid Koala (one ov my Favoritez) doin his "Moonriver" Routine

You gotta fall in love with this piece ov muzical art

Lotus and Troy Dunnit "Nu Flava" video guest starring P-Thugg (Chromeo)

This Track izza Banger
First single of the upcoming Anti-Cupid EP produced by Lotus, written by Lotus and Troy Dunnit. Visit http://lotusdunnit.com for more details.

donderdag 25 juni 2009

Modern Life is War

Modern Life Is War (commonly abbreviated as M.L.I.W.), was a Marshalltown, Iowa-based melodic hardcore punk band. They were known for their incendiary live shows and unique take on the melodic hardcore and hardcore sound, usually avoiding standard songs structures and almost entirely abandoning the use of breakdowns. During M.L.I.W.'s six year run, the band released three full-length albums and one self-titled 7" E.P. Despite a growing profile on the underground hardcore circuit, and garnering critical acclaim from numerous musical outlets, Modern Life Is War announced their dissolution in early 2008.

There has never been a band that blew my socks like MLIW did. Never has music grabbed me like they did.(what is a very weird moment for a Hip Hop-freak like me)
It's no music for pussiez i can assure you that. the mixture of Jeffrey Eaton'z voice and the melodic hardcore-metal sound of the band still gives me goosebumps and makes me feel like killing a whole army all by myself. Quiet dangerous i know.That's why i stopped playing there music in my car. Driving 230 km an hour is no joke.

The making Of "Midnight In America"


My baby'z momma and me are seriously thinking 'bout putting a tat on our body(for me it's the second-ho hoo i'm tough!).
Offcourse it's gonna be the name of our beautiful daughter. I very much like the Sanskrit writing. Sanskrit is a historical Indo-Aryan language, one of the liturgical languages of Hinduism and Buddhism,and one of the 22 official languages of India.

Iman is spelled ईमन in Sanskrit but actually it saiz Eeman...so i've gotta do sum more research.
I've heard David Beckham and Rihanna also have Sanskrit tatoo'z..but Becky's tat waz spelled wrong-BUMMER!!Anyway i just wanted to say that i didn't came up with the idea cause i saw theirz..i just have a picture of someone who has a Sanskrit tatoo and i very like like!!!!!
Soon i will post ourz..fo shizzle

woensdag 24 juni 2009

A Brand. Mad Love Sweet Love

The black guy who sings innit was "just" a street-muzician in Antwerp.If you ever been in Antwerp you would probably recognise him. The group "A Brand" heard him sing and took him into the recording Booth.What followed is a smashing hit.check it awt!

dinsdag 23 juni 2009

Rob Roy. Fur in my Cap

Off the debut album King Warrior Magician Lover. Rob Roy kills it with fresh vocals and Freshest video to be created.

Nice cars

Hydraulics contest
Jeaj Jeaaj!

The cool kids

I so like the Cool kids. They are "fresh" wid an ol' school twist.
mmm very lovable and very dope muzic to bump in your car.
Higly Recommended "The Bake Sale"

Black Mags


Delivery Man Official Video

zaterdag 20 juni 2009

Rude Bwoaj Selectah

I've got a special place in my heart for carribean music. Nothing better then sum slow reggea or dub-music on a hot sunny day. Relaxin, sippin sweet coctailz and puffin on da Cush. Hard dancehall muzic for partiez always do the trick. Winie Winie.
No better music on di dancefloor then Dancehall Ragga. Ere me naow!

vrijdag 19 juni 2009

Moviez that rocked my world

Mulholland Drive by David Lynch
What can i say about this movie...
I think some things in life we will never understand
This movie reflects that feeling...at the end i was like...huuh???
The more i watched it the more "huuhz" came.
I realised that's what David Lynch wants you to do...huuuh???
A Piece of art

La Haine
I saw this movie the first time when i was 16 i think. I will never forget the moment when dj Cutkiller puts his speakers towards his window and scratchez the Edith Piaf thingee on the "sound of da police"-beat by KRS one...majn my body was taken over my Goosebumpz! And the beginning...the song "Burning and looting" from Mister Bob Marley and the images of the riots in Paris...dajm..so magical


Kept me staring for 30 minutes when the movie was over
that's how u know it grabbed you...
damn i love this movie so

Babez Who Make you Say BooYAAUW!

I've heard Missis Campbell can be a real biaatch but honestly i really don't give a damn.
Naomi reminds me of a horse..i mean this in the good way. Horses (and giraffes) are so sexy..for the pervertz : i mean elegant-sexy ya digg???!!!
I bet she can run 200 miles an hour with those legz.Sjazaajm
Olga Kurylenko