vrijdag 30 juli 2010

Fat JOe. I'm Gone

Cudh Cooh Craack & Primo on tha Beat!
(Yep Produced by Dj Premier)
Click Here to download the Mp3

Flying LOtus Interview

An Interview with the man, the Legend, the myth, the new Dilla (yep i said it!) FlyLo!

Extra Summer Edition

Dj Lefto's Extra Summer Edition...mmm Sunny Side up

Rah Digga - This Ain't No Lil Kid Rap

Happy to see she’s back, flipmode squad first lady Dirty Harriet aka Rah Digga backed by Nottz on the beat, I like this one! You go Rah…

Major Lazer Jump Up (Thom Yorke remix!!!!)

Couldn't believe it when i saw this
Thom Yorke (yes the one and only Radiohead Thom!) doin' remixes inna ragga stylee????
Who Whut Whuut?
Am i serious? Ow Yes i am. Check it out if you're a non believer!
Download the mp3 Here

Kid Cudi performs @ Bape Store

The Cudster...always Fresh

Kid Kudi Mojo So dope

Click here to download the Mp3

Kanye debuts new Material

A snippet from his new album by the man himself
   With al that BlaBlaBla-shit  people start to forget he's   a farkin' Symphatetic Genious.
      You go Kanyeezy!

donderdag 29 juli 2010

J rocc in the Lab

My love for vinyl is eternal.
I even like pictures of it.
Especially lots of vinyl on one picture or in one room.
The mix of old vinyl and turntables, laptops, synthesizers and so on...
it does something with me
i think it looks fXXking great

True that!

dinsdag 27 juli 2010


Hey young world,
It has been some crazy weeks. I had a lot of deep conversations lately.
It seems everybody is kinda emotional nowadays-so much stuff happening lately.
I'm taking those conversations & stories with me and i think....
I think about all the things i heard & c around me but i can't come to a conclusion.
If you can't come to a conclusion why the hell do you think then?
I thougt of that too...but didn't find an answer.
If you think about it, thoughts are just thoughts-they are not really real.
They are just thoughts.
So i stopped thinking. I mean, i stopped thinking about thoughts who are just thoughts.
To stop thinking would be a dumb idea.
You always gotta stay thinking, but not too hard.
That hurts.

maandag 19 juli 2010

Flying Lotus. MmmHmmm (Cosmogramma)

What a video, what a song, what an artist. FlyLO you rock. C you @ Pukkelpop
Check out the mad effects in this vid.
oooh weeh!

Kid Cudi feat Kanye "Erase Me" Download

A new Kanye - Kudi treat. Hmmm
 And it taste guuuuuud Really

Download Here


Yes y'all. A New release from the Roots, John Legend, Common and Melanie Fiona.
Collabo's like that just Can't not go wrong.
Download  Here

woensdag 14 juli 2010

Busy times

Supsup you blog peeperz.
i recieved madass phonecalls, mails, tweets and comments!! People can't live without my daily posts apparently.
I didn't excpect my blog was so important. it's kinda flathering and creepy at thesame time.
So here they are, my apologies. I'm sorry. I've been busy as hell.
Workin, bikin' in the German-Belgian Mountains, raisin my daughter, trying to be a good husband (which is harder then i tought) cleaning
I will try to freshen up your pittiful lives with my everlastin ultrasmashin blog. :-)
And yes i still love you.