dinsdag 28 juni 2011

TRAKTOR VS SERATO Comparison By DJ Qbert !!!

Everyone wants to know the deal about what to get: Traktor Scratch Pro or Serato Scratch Live! Hard core vinyl addict here, Dj Q-Bert using both side by side in a quick demo for you just to see yourself, and how they both compare to the precision of a real record (on the other side of that Traktor record is an analog recording of a remixed Superseal)
Traktor time code vinyl with Skratchy Seal Superseal skipless skratch sounds available at Thudrumble.com!!!
Qbert skratch university students get first dibbs on Traktor time code vinyl test pressings with Skratchy Seal's Superseal skipless skratch sounds!!! available soon at Thudrumble.com!!!

Pioneer Djm 800

I want to buy this one but it's a little expensive.
Love the effects on this one...if A-trak uses it, it has to be good.
Check out the vid underneath. I know the music sucks (big time) but that Ginger-head Dj shows a lotta effects of the mixer + the way you use it with Ableton live (software program). Peep it.

maandag 27 juni 2011


Created by Eric Bates who is a student at Kyoto’s Art & Design University
Sayonara from Eric Bates on Vimeo.

Grandmaster Flash How to Break Mix

Shitgoddajm. On some Epic Video Material Izzzzhhjj! Luvz the Raw and uncutness...Dj's should keep it olschool like that.Herc and Flash thanx for doin yow thing back in the day. you changed my life. Massive respect

Way beyond fun

This Poster was in my Room-above my bed in my youth.
This image was the last thing i saw before i went to sleep for a loong loong time.
Luckily i didn't turn out gay :-) 
A big slap in my face when i saw this pic on the net. Brings back a lotta memories majn. And makes you realise how easy it is to forget. I was a good skater tho...I gotta pick up skating again before i'm really too old.
Ahh..so much stuff to do..so much things to break

woensdag 22 juni 2011

Bad meets Evil

I like clips where letters move. 
Always loved it. Rhymes go so fast here, the letters become very usefull. Glad to hear those magical rhyme-techniques back..it's been a while.First song i really like since Em was gone....

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Lady Zen

A friend (my daughter'z Godfather) o mine got married this month. He married a very sweet American girl. A whole lot of her friends flew over from New Jersey to come to the Big fat Belgian wedding. One of her friends was Lady Zen. She is an American artist who did an amazing Freestyle performance (think Lyrical Poem in a Jazzy Hip Hop kinda way..kinda hard to describe) in front of the Newly Weds. Freaking amazing. She gave us all the shiverzzzzz. Lady Zen Big respect to you gurl. 

Five o'clock Shadow

This is a band i would like you to check out. They ROCK!!!They are friends o mine and they practise every week. So come on give them guyz some props will ya!? Promote, listen, comment and like their music. This was not a question!!
  Five o'clock shadow // Bluesday (smooth demo) by five o'clock shadow

woensdag 15 juni 2011

Het Testament van Zanian Adamus

Na wekenlang van warm houden is dan eindelijk het tweede album Het Testament van Zanian Adamus van Kempi te horen op de Luisterpaal van 3voor12. Eerder kregen jullie al de singles Diana en Not Human te horen/zien. Het album is volledig geproduceerd door SoundG8 en ligt vanaf 17 juni in de winkels en is al te pre-orderen op Bol.com. Beluister het album hier

Het grote plaatje

Verheug je op "het grote plaatje"
check de link en wordt Heppie

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Funny conversation

Hehe...weely weely Funny

Sum Heavy Bootyjugglin'

New Nas track!

Ohw jeah,happy moment of the day! A new Nas track has leaked!Expect a new album from him later this year.Be Happy Cuz u can download it for freezy. Click the arrow pointing down and bop ya head to diz.
NASTY (Produced by Salaam Remi) -DIRTY by Nasir Jones
Het nummer ‘Nasty’ is Nas’ eerste single van het nieuwe album ‘Life Is Good

Upscale home

This trendy home was once a cement factory. The abandoned cement factory was discovered in 1973 and converted to this upscale home by architect Ricardo Bofill. The renovation took two years. The home contains various plants including cypresses, olive trees, palms, and eucalyptus. It serves as Bofillo’s apartment, exhibition space, model laboratory, archives, and architectural office. His renovation included exposing previously concealed structures, cement and demolishing some structures.
Check More Picz HERE

maandag 13 juni 2011

Happy Lately

Here is another lately-letter to myself. Cuz lately....things r goin' well. Actually things go exactly thesame like they use to go but i think i found my "positive-mode" That's what's life all about isn't it? That's the way i kinda c it. Tryin to forget  and lurn of all negativity.
Nobody said life would be easy...and it isn't. Yesterday i saw a documentary about "Happiness"
Some fucked up stuff. They tried to messure Happiness, the suckers.
Happiness is seeyin my daughter and wifee smile...I'm deadserious here, it sounds cliché but that's real happiness to me.  But even then i can't stop thinking about the moment this all will stop. About all the evil things in this world. I just hope negativity stays outta our lives. And if so - i hope we overcome every Obstacle we have to face, with no Bruises.  I hope this lasts forever. 
There's always a melancholical twist to my "Lately-posts" but it's good showing your emotions...That's what they said in the documentary. So it didn't suck that much:-)

Intricate Moves Volume 1

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

A-Trak i Like

Can't repeat this enough.I Love this guy Been down with A Trizzy since "Sunglasses is a must'

donderdag 9 juni 2011

Yuna’s Home Studio Tutorial

This is perfect if you plan on setting up a recording facility at home or on the road.  We also made it easy for you and listed all the equipment she mentions . Don't you think She's cute ? She Makes me wanna hug err

My Babez

 Excuse me i've gut something in my eye

woensdag 8 juni 2011

Sum Ultrafresh Cool Kids treats for my Blogheadz!


Tight Baggy Jeans Achieve Holy Grail Of Pants

Damn i luv this pants. I knew this was comin...cuz i'm a trendsetter. Listen to me. My advice will save your life.These new jeans may be a turning point in the evolution of pants. It goes like this: first, baggy jeans came into style. People bought big pants and let them sag. Then, baggy pants slowly went out of style, and tight pants came into fashion. But still—people missed their baggy pants. Fast forward to this moment in time: a company called Soulful Commandoe has introduced jeans that are both tight and baggy at once. This breakthrough was apparently achieved through the addition of several vertical inches of fabric in the waist area, as well as the inclusion of some gratuitous suspenders. Truly a development that will go down in fashion history. Click through for some larger pictures [The Gluttony via Satchel of Gravel] of this Pants Pants Revolution
Check out other designs from Soulful Commandoe right HERE

vrijdag 3 juni 2011

Funniest Alpha Interview

This is one the funniest post fight interview ever! Amsterdam Billiards Saturday night might have had the best fight of the night, if you were there you know what i mean!

donderdag 2 juni 2011

Favela Beats by Goofstarr

This set contains a new Goofstarr Intro!
it's something different this set...Peep it


This must be one ov the best Video's i ever saw!
Some dude commented: "Is it wrong this gives me a boner???" HAHAHAHAA
check it out as many times you want
it's wonderfull