woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Benzi & Diplo Present Paradise Falls Mixtape

Benzi and Diplo collaborate with N.E.R.Ds new Echo Park based trio Mansion on the Moon to release a new mixtape titled Paradise Falls. A mixture of indie pop and trip hop with collaborations from Deadmau5, Washed Out, Junior Boys and Mad Decents own DJA! Peep the free download link and tracklist HERE

dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

Mad Decent:Soundcloud Roundup Week 4

A pretty solid batch of Soundcloud tracks this week to hold you over until the Halloween debautury kicks in. Check out the Crazy artwork by Skinner
For more Mixtapes by Mumbai Mafia
Click Here

Prince acoustic

His Purple Majesty..The Man...The Legend....The Princeman...Behold....Bow Down.....
It's cool to think he is sexy....yep it's cool....:-)

zondag 24 oktober 2010

Sound of Kuduro

Can't get enough of this vid. So hardcore. So african. So Kuduro. So M.I.A.
Best o both worlds. Cop di album. U're already late...

zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

The Game, Mos Def & Snoop gettin arrested

An example of Police Brutality towards black people with a voice
So dumb and so cold
This pisses me off....makes me wanna grab my ol' N.W.A records.
I'm not gonna say it cuz sensitive people read my blog. But you know what i mean. Grrrrr

Sexion D'assaut - Désolé

Represent Le Guineé Conacry!!! Love this song!

Being a rare purple frog ain't easy

With species being taken off the planet forever at a daily rate its cool when scientist find a brand new species they did even know about. Especially these guys they are sooo stupid looking. They werent discovered till 2003 inwhich Professors Bossuyt and Biju discovered them in the Western Ghats Mountains of India. And thats the only place on earth that they live. So that's why they deserve a Shout out! Bow!

Big L

2 of the greatest lyricists of all time. Recorded on february 1995 @ Stretch & Bobbito’s radio show. This is what you call legendary
Download the track right.......Here

Fly LO. Kill your co-workers

Always nice to know about a new Flying Lotus video. The guy is surrounded by great people using his music as an inspiration to make great videos. Warp is on top of those things!

Tom Green Owns Xzibit

I saw this episode Live (on the teley that iz) when i stayed in Atlanta(Georgia) back in da day. I really almost pissed my pants.
Didn't c it comin'...
So nice to see this again. Tom Green...satisfaction guaranteed. Hilarious but wicked "Freestyle"
Hope is on it's way....i saw the sign
this stuff gives me hope
Maybe it's stupid...maybe it's magic
Nobody knows
I just took a picture of it

Gezichten van de opvangcrisis

Our country...no government...no solutions....
A lot of money..a lot of Problems
Apparently not only the climate is cold....

woensdag 13 oktober 2010

Ninja Tune XX Anniversary

Two weeks ago i went to AB to check out the Ninja Tune XX Anniversary-fest.
Especially Kid Koala and Eskmo were fantastic. U can watch snippets from the whole show!! u just gotta click here for A compilation of the Ninja Tune 20th anniversary night feat.. Kid Koala, DJ Food & DK, Coldcut, The Heavy, The Bug, Andreya Triana and Roots Manuva.Enjoy!!!!!!

Mr. Scruff Vs Kirsty Almeida 'Pickled Spider' (OFFICIAL)

Ninja Tune Represent!!

Single Safari 6

Bent van Looy gaat samen met  zeehond Sjimmie op jacht door zijn platenkast. Luister naar Aflevering 6 van Single Safari!

For Tracklist click here

maandag 11 oktober 2010

Diplo Mini docu

I know it's Diplo here, Diplo there on my blog... i just can't help it. The man's a genious.

Here is an amazing documentary about Diplo, produced by the “Creators Project.”

dinsdag 5 oktober 2010


My grandma is dying
Such a beatiful person
Such a Beatiful woman
Her health went down very fast
Now she stays in some creepy place they call " a place for the elderly"
No not a hospital, it's not a prison but something in between.
People over there talk to those old folks like they are little children.
I hate it when they do that.
When you enter those doors, you enter hell.
In the morning it smells weird.
Where i live there is no other solution.
It's sad. it breaks our heart.

This morning she didn't recognise me anymore.
One week ago she didn't stop smiling when she saw my daughter and wife. We talked. She listened.
Those two connect. Such a beatiful thing to c.
But today she didn't recognise me
I was alone with her.
I talked a lot but i don't think she heard me.
I told her only positive things

Positive things help in negative times.
This little letter was found in her purse.
Those two sentences
made me cry like a child
So painfull, so beatiful

zondag 3 oktober 2010

Dj Tlm New Mixes

in addition to the 90′s R&B and 90′s Hip Hop mixes, DJ TLM just dropped 3 more mini mixes for the Classic Cutterz. Check out his New Jack Swing, Classic Dancehall and Classic Breaks mixes.Listen to the mixes and download all the mixes right here!

Diplife (Diplo)

This little documentary just came to my attention today - very nicely shot, b&w footage with Diplo interview voiceover- the whole thing is actually quite insightful.
And most of you have probably seen the Blackberry spots, not trying to really sell more torches here but these two videos just kinda go together for a pretty clear picture on a day in the life / ups & downs of Diplo. He's been a little busy this year. Traveling the world 10x over, churning out remix after remix, working on Major Lazer 2.0, producing other people's albums, working on TV spots, and more stuff we dont even know about yet...I'll keep y'all posted!

Free download; Diplo & Lunice Deerhunter Remix!

Mad Decent is proud to present an exclusive Diplo & Lunice remix of Deerhunters new track Helicopter! Diplo teams up with producer Lunice to give his cousin Bradford (Deerhunter) a reworking of his new track Helicopter off the just released album "Halcyon Digest".
Deerhunter - Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice mix) by maddecent
(click down arrow to download track)

Hypnotize you. NERD

A new N*E*R*D track on Late Night and it's produced by Daft Punk!
Geüpload door yardie4lifever2. - Ontdek meer webcam persoonlijkheden.

zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand

Yes! Here's the new Fools Gold track.Always fun to see so many familiar faces in a video, from hiphop heads to house dons…and more, Barbra Streisand !!!!!

DJ TLM – Oldschool Anthems vol.5 (+download)

DJ TLM brings you some of the best Hip Hop classics in 1 mix. 100 hot joints, over 2 hours of music…enjoy

Dj Grazzhoppa Exclusive Mixtape Download

Confidence Remixes ‘90s Classics on “ReCon”
(Exclusive Mixtape Download)
For Download Link, Info and Tracklist

Eskmo - Cloudlight (Official Video) HD

I saw this guy two days ago @ the Ninja Tune celebration-party @ AB in Brussels.
U gotta c this guy live. The sounds he produces comes from another planet.
Amazing talent, amazing music. Amazing sounds. Eskmo. I'm a fan!

vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Zwart Licht. No Juju Media Pack

Ergens in oktober beland de NO JUJU EP, het nieuwe meesterwerk van de jongens van Zwart Licht, in je CD-speler. Uiteraard kun je de CD alvast bestellen op Bol.com
Found this on http://top-notch.nl/page:

Om jullie alvast tegemoet te komen, hebben wij een speciaal Media Pack online gezet.In dit Media Pack vind je o.a iPhone wallpapers, Twitter/Hyves/FaceBook avatars & Desktop Wallpapers voor op je PC/Mac!
Klik hier om het NO JUJU Media Pack te downloaden. 

Check the graphical artist's page. Those are sick images! !www.40rovers.com

Mauro. Tura Lura

Sorry, too lazy to translate.It's about time You should lurn some dutch!! Tzz!
This is why Mauro is a Genious.
Mauro is into noise, oftewel experimentele muziek waarin je vooral veel ruis hoort. Hoe dat klinkt kwam hij demonstreren in Select, waar hij een uiterst geschifte noisecover bracht van 'Zeg ben jij bang voor mij'. Niet voor gevoelige oren!