maandag 28 juni 2010

Nas & Damian Marley in Brussels

I knew it waz gonna be great and that i would hate myself if i didn't go...But hey. Bein' a grown up, i gotta take grown up descicions right?
But it still hurts watchin' this... Maybe NAs and Damian didn't notice i wasn't there....maybe. I hope so.

zaterdag 26 juni 2010

A Summer Mix From Franki Chan

Yup it's Rainin' Mixtapes Nowadayz. Might ass well embrace it.
Here'z anutha one!
Found it on the Mad Decent Blog
For the Download link and Tracklistin' Click Here

Mistaken Matisyahu

And i thought i was Matisyahu's biggest fan....daajm

How to Make Chai Tea

I'm such a sucker for creamy drinks. Chai Tea is one of my favorites. Here's a vid that teaches you how to make it in 8 Steps. Cheers! Bollywood Style :-)Or Click Here for More Infuuw

woensdag 23 juni 2010

Kele and Fela Kuti

Kele Okereke's Solo album just came out. It's banging!! Check out the vid of the opening song from"The BOxer"-album.

Cleveland Clinic

Designed by Frank Gehry, this clinic might make a few patients nervous upon arrival!
Click Here for more Mad Pictures of the clinic

woensdag 16 juni 2010

Adidas Star Wars

Supercool Advertisement from Adidas. When ol meets new. Lovin' it!

New Layout

Hi true follower.
The summer 'z here so my blog deserved a refreshment.
Jeej! From dark black to bright pink. I know it's a little gayish...but some gay people have good taste. Like some hetero-people have no taste at all.(You know who you are) I'm a hetero with the taste of a gay man i suppose. Shjiit what am i sayin?
This post will selfdestruct in five, four,.....

zaterdag 12 juni 2010

Guufalistique DUTCH HipHop Set by ........ME!

Since i discovered the Mixcloud-site i'm pickin up on old habbits...Djayin'
I'm still a little rusty but i'm improvin'. Check this set out. Topnotch Holland Rap Music.

vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Gill Scott Heron Feat Mos Def Download

Wooow Mos Def & Gill Scott Combo.
Clash of the Titanz-style
When two legends come together
Best ov both worldz
i can go on if you wanna...:)

To start Downloadin'
"New York is killing me"
Click Here

M.I.A. Haters Download

Jessuurrr, New M.I.A.Track out now.
Click Here to Start Downloadin'