donderdag 29 april 2010

Dj TLM Goodies

Dajm. I knew Dj TLM was the dj for Brainpower but didn't know he had such a great site.
His site contains a lotta free downloads of fine sets and goodies.
Check it or wreck it
You can also find the link in my Link archives

woensdag 28 april 2010

Dj Lefto . Mos Def Special

Two Weeks ago, The Myth, the Legend, The Talent, My all time favorite-Mos Def came to Belgium(Vooruit Ghent). He rocked the house like only he can.
Check out Dj Lefto's set.
Whuupty Wuup

Show#427 - Mos Def Special by Leftooo on Mixcloud

GIANT STEP™ | Release - For All We Know by Jose James

Our fellow Belgian citizen and pianist Jef Neve teamed up with José James for an interesting album on the prestigious jazz label Impulse Records. This album should see the light on May 11th and if you’re looking forward to hear it:

Window Seat - The two versions

Erykah Badu Strikes again..her voice, her eyes, her lips,...
What a beautiful woman
What a beautiful Soul
Beautiful Music...
And a beautiful Booty too
And this is the version by Ashy Larry
I Laughed my ass off with this one

Dj Nuts- Brazilian Stylee

DJ Nuts is a true Brazilian music aficionado and known for his collaborations with Mochilla and his mixes of Brazilian music (that I personally really like). Here’s the link!!! Enjoy…

Show 430 by Dj Lefto

A dope Set Played by The one and only Leftooo! Belgium Represent!
Nice for these hot evenings mmmm....1 hour and 42 minutes of coolass music. Enjoy

Show#430 by Leftooo on Mixcloud

Dj TLM. Rest in Peace Guru Set

Wanna download this set (audio) Click on the arrow Pointing down. Njoayy!

DJ TLM - Gang Starr Special (GURU R.I.P.)byDJ TLM
DJ TLM - Gang Starr Special (GURU R.I.P.) from DJ TLM on Vimeo.

donderdag 22 april 2010

The Symbol

Ow yess
just got me some
Prince aka The Symbol aka his Little Royal Purple Sexyness-
Very happy yes i am
It's weird
I am a little nervous
first time that happens

dinsdag 20 april 2010

Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth (Rest In Peace Guru 1966-2010)

Couldn't believe the news i heard today
Another Starr @ the sky
Your music and words helped me to be the man i am today
May your soul rest in peace
And may your music and words never be forgotten

My Garage

I'm not a hater
But enough is enough
My garage is sucking me dry
Everytime i bring my car in for a little maintainance
it costs me at least 700 euro
they just called me
1300 euro!!!!!
So now it's official
I hate my Garage
if you think about it
The name of my garage means "straw"
Good name
They suck you dry
At least they have humor

zaterdag 17 april 2010


Find the 4 Differences


Today was the first sunny day (in decades)
SO sunny
I almost forgot how it felt like
it feels
This is an ode to spring and the sun
First time i really chilled with my daughter
In my garden

In the sun
What a feeling

What a Spring
What a sun

donderdag 15 april 2010

Friends are right

A friend of mine said: Just when you think you've got it figured out it fucks you over next time you turn around the corner...
He's goddamn right.

dinsdag 13 april 2010

Strange Times

These are strange times..lately strange things happen to me and the people around me.(read the post under this one-nice example) And not only to me, i c alot of "abnormal" things. It's hard to explain.
People acting strange. Being emotional,
being too friendly suddenly, getting divorced, losing their jobs, get sick,one person is even trying to get me down,
i'm gettin closer to some relatives nowadays, realising after a long time family is such an important thing...... realising some people really care about me which is a beautiful thing.
Life is strange. Not only in a weird way, also in a good way. I mean strangas i didn't expect it.
Dajm it's hard to explain. Gettin older is a bizar feeling.Or maybe these are just.......strange times?
Let me think about it. Cuz i don't find the right words to explain it.
Hmmm. i will come back on this one.

Now that's Gangsta

First of all i gotta explain why i didn't write on my blog for a long time.
I've been busy...very busy.
Stuff happened to me that makes you (and even me) say...shhjiiiiiiit.
My friend Steven and i went for a weekend to Amsterdam.
After a 2 hour drive we almost found the place where we had to be.
3 cops on a motorcycle appear in front of our car. They stop and start pointing at us.
We were like..uuuhhh. Suddenly they all draw their guns. From the left and rightside police cars come bursting outta nowhere. In 10 seconds we had 6 guns pointing at us, no shit!! They start to scream "Get outta the car!!"
So we did. No time for macho man now :-) "Put your farking hands on the roof of the car!!!!" The cops all looked very very nervous. I had a can of "Fristi" in my hand so i threw it (i just let it fall) away. It rolled over the front of the window and fell on the ground. I saw the cops pointing at the can, thinkin' it was a bomb or somethin'.
The cops who came from the left and right came to us (still pointing their guns) and handcuffed us.
Yep it's official, we're dangerous gangsta Mutha-uckaz now.
They put Steven in a car and drove away. I was telling the cops who handcuffed me this was all a big misunderstanding, but when i said sounded very cliché....i think everybody sais that in those situations.
Anyway after 30 minutes they realised they had the wrong duders.
What happened was that a car, totally thesame car as ours, just did a armed robbery in exactly thesame area as we were.
We were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I've gotta say the Amsterdam Police Squad was very professional. They really were sorry they did that to us, they kept on sayin they were so sorry and asked a million times if we were ok. They even searched a good parking spot for us-which is not a luxe in Amsterdam :-)
So big up to the Amsterdam coppers and to ourselves, cuz we didn't shit in our pants (i know definitely i didn't)
It feels good to be a Gangsta, i tell ya.:-)