donderdag 2 juli 2009

South Afrika

I did not want to do this at first cause i thought it was not a nice thing to do.
But after i heard Ostritches have a memory of maximum 3 minutes (kinda like me)i was like, what the hell! I can assure you this was the funniest thing i drove in my life. Especially because the steer was his neck and u got to handle it like you do with a joystick. In fact the Ostrich is so stupid he doesn't care he has a bag on his head while he/she runs 50 km an hour.
Dumbest but coolest animal around.

I got the opportunity of playin' with this little lion. The lady of the lion-farm told me if i came two weeks later they would forbid to come close to the animals cause they would be too dangerous then.That little brat has force u can't imagine.
I still have a scar of that little monster. Offcourse i tell everybody that i fought with a lion. I am....the Alpha Male.

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