woensdag 12 januari 2011

It's not personal

My blog is all about wicked news, music, gadgets, soundclouds, mixclouds, dj sets, beautifull things of all kind....but a blog is ment to be personaL Sometimes i post personal thoughts, sometimes i post Personal pictures. Yeah sometimes. Lately i didn't do that anymore....my blog became a little unpersonal. don't ask me why. So here are sum personal picz of a personal trip to a personal country. Voila. Now thats personal.SOme Amsterdam Posing. It's harder then it looks. Snow is darn slippery
My Uncle lives on a boat. This beauty comes tickin' the window every evening @ 20 o'clock.
Yup she'z hungry. Isn't that cool, having a Birdyfriend
 @Bazaar.Very good Worldfood and atmosphere. Seriously.
Need some Rubber Boots? Go Bristol.
7 euro for descent Rubber Boots.
Up yours Hema! :-)
Love you can't fake
Best Burgers in Town @ Burgermeester.
Fo real.
Isn't that beautifull?
Yes it is.Hmmmmm

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